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Welcome and thank you for visiting UninsuredWristband.com, home of the medical alert bracelet for uninsured Americans.

I originally created this wristband for myself, inspired by being uninsured in America; going to the doctor or ER where the first question is always "who is your insurance provider?"

I quickly realized this wristband's message was much larger and too important to keep to myself.

At first glance, this wristband looks like just another "awareness bracelet." However, it isn't meant to be used simply as a fundraising tool or symbol of concern.

The people wearing the uninsured wristband are spreading a personal message:

"I'm uninsured, you may not know why, but now you know my face. Maybe I look like you or someone you love. I'm uninsured and scared of being without health insurance in this country. Maybe my health is already suffering from lack of health care. Today it's me, tomorrow it could be you."

The state of America's healthcare system is a medical emergency.

While this project comments on awareness bracelets as a form of social expression, my intention has never been to criticize them. Awareness wristband funds have surely lead to advancements in research for cures. My question is: "When we do find the cures, who's going to have access to them? Only those who can afford health insurance?" 

Even those who have health insurance are routinely denied essential care and burdened with skyrocketing costs, high deductibles and out-of-network expenses.

Just how many people in America are uninsured today?

The actual number of uninsured folks in America is debatable. The goal of this project is not to debate, but to make the invisible visible.

In other words, with this project you'll be able to see the people around you who lack health insurance because they're wearing the uninsured wristband. The crisis will be right in front of all of us every day. 

Help put a face on the health care crisis.

I want to be able to give out free uninsured wristbands to as many people as possible. People who really need them may not be able to afford them. In order to keep the project going it needs funding. So if you can afford it, purchase a wristband for $3.99. If you want to contribute more click on the donate button below.


Purchase your wristband for $3.99. Free shipping!

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To request a free wristband, please send an e-mail here.


Anyone wishing to send a note, payment or donation by mail, please address it to:

4815 SE Division St.
Portland, OR 97206

To follow the progress of the uninsured wristband, visit the blog at www.uninsuredwristbands.com


NOTE: This project is NOT for profit, all proceeds return to the project in order to keep spreading the message. In the event that this project generates funds greater than what is needed to sustain itself, donations will be made to established non-profits already committed to providing healthcare for the uninsured.

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